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The music class – our concept

Dear Parents,
if your child has found a musical talent or simply enjoys making music, then you should definitely encourage this!
Studies have proven that actively making music has positive effects on brain performance, social intelligence and the educational success of children.

What is a music class? 
All the children play together as a „Junior Big-Band“. They learn an instrument and rehearse together. They consciously listen to each other and experience how the individual voices eventually become a „big whole“.

child who wants to
to learn an instrument and to practise regularly, can be registered for the music can be registered for the music class.

The music class ties in directly with the primary schools‘ musical support in the instrumental area („JeKi“). If your child can already play an instrument, this can only be an advantage!

Making music means more !
Making music together makes a great contribution to strengthening social skills and promotes a sense of responsibility. The performances at concerts are highlights where our musicians know how to impress with great performances. It is impossible not to hear the enthusiasm with which even our youngest musicians are involved!You will get the best impression by visiting one of our concerts, where you can see the musicians in action.
A warm welcome!

Important information about participation
You can register your child for the music class during the registration period.

Registration is binding for school years 5 and 6! By registering, you agree to pay the costs incurred (further information HERE)!

  • The children receive 3 hours of music lessons per week:
    2 practice hours and 1 hour of normal music lessons
  • Participation in instrumental lessons is a compulsory part of the lessons (1x per week in the afternoon).
  • The music class plays as a „Junior Big-Band“ and consists of rhythm section (drums, electric bass, electric guitar, keyboard)
    and wind section (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute).

Which instrument will my child play?
Your child can try out all the instruments on one day (at the „instrument carousel“). Each child then indicates FOUR wishes (2 wind instruments and 2 rhythm group instruments), ONE of which will be fulfilled.

How our music teachers decide on the allocation:
– In each case ONE of your child’s wishes will be fulfilled!
– Suitability for the chosen instrument is a prerequisite.
– The balance of instruments in the class is important
Similar to a football team, it is important that all positions are filled so that it sounds good and is fun for everyone. It would not make sense if 10 children played the drums and only one played the trombone. .  

There is NO entitlement to a particular instrument.
It is NOT possible to change instruments!

What does participation in the music class cost?
The fees for instrumental lessons and instrument rental are between about 25€ and 40€ per month (depending on instrument and group size).
These fees are paid by the parents.

A fee reduction is possible!

You can apply for a fee reduction at the Jugendmusikschule Hamburg. Depending on your family income, a reduction can be granted up to a balance of 12€. Drums and electric bass are taught by a private instrumental teacher. Unfortunately, no reduction is possible for this.

In both cases you can apply for the „15€-Gutschein“ according to the „Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket“ at the responsible district office Eimsbüttel and use it for the instrumental lessons (application form HERE). Together with a fee reduction at the JMS, the offer can then even become free for you.

Important notes:

  • The discount application is only valid once it has been received by the JMS in full and with all supporting documents.
  • You will always receive the reduction for the period that is issued in the benefit notification from the employment agency.
  • IMPORTANT: If you receive a new benefit notice, you must submit a copy of the new notice to the Youth Music School. If you do not do this, you will no longer receive a fee reduction!
  • If you have any questions about fees or reductions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Farwick at the Jugendmusikschule: or Tel: 0170 452 3399

Since the 2017/2018 school year, we have been organising instrumental lessons with the Staatliche Jugendmusikschule Hamburg. This offers you and your children new possibilities (e.g. fee reduction in case of low income and continuation of instrumental lessons even after the end of the music class).

What happens after the music class?
Our Big-Band is an ideal continuation for pupils from the music class. The Big Band can later be chosen as a practical music course in grades 11 and 12.

The „Praxiskurs Band (practical band course) can be chosen from Year 8 and taken as a practical music course in grades 11 and 12. Other children become part of a school band and work in a band club.

With the Big Band and the bands, we offer a continuous practical course up to the Abitur for children from the music class.

Chor: Groß und KleinThe choir offers complement our offer for pupils who would like to actively work with their voice. In addition to voice training elements, the joy of singing together is at the centre of the choir work.

Do you have any questions?
Feel free to contact us or send an e-mail to Mr. Zielberg (Music Profile Coordinator). We will be happy to help you!

Care tips for all wind instruments HERE!

Herzlich willkommen auf unseren Seiten!